What is jelqing?

Jelqing is a word describing natural penis enlargement exercises.   If it is done properly, regularly and safely, the exercises can increase the size and girth of your penis, and result in a stronger erection.

Does Jelqing Work?

There have been scientific studies proving that jelqing exercises really do work.

How Does it work?

Jelq exercise is used to move blood into the corpora cavernosa, which are the muscles and tissue that make up the penis. It is often referred to as a ‘milking’ technique due to the movements that are carried out.

What Are The Benefits?

* Penis size increase by up to 3 inches
* Straighten a curved penis
* Stronger erections
* Better control over ejaculation
* More confidence
* Increased self-esteem

Are The Exercises Really Safe?

This technique does not involve any pills, pumps or weights. It is all done with your hands, giving you more control. If the exercises are done correctly there is almost no risk involved. Warming up before doing the exercises are the most important factor to keep in mind, as you would do with any other kind of muscle exercises. Equally important is to ‘warm down‘ at the end of the process. Another important consideration is to use sufficient lubricant to avoid unnecessary friction. If you have any concerns then please do speak to your General Practitioner before taking any steps. We in fact recommend this very strongly as every person is an individual with unique needs.

Does a Large Penis Really Matter?

For most men a large penis is not only important for sex, but also for more confidence and greater self-esteem, and confidence is very important for a great sexual experience. If it is done properly it can also provide more pleasure to your partner.

Where Can I Get The Exercises?

We suggest you try a professional and complete program which includes extensive instructions and safety tips, photos and video tutorials, excellent support and a community forum for any questions and discussions on the techniques and progress, for example the PenisHealth program.
It is very important to follow the program correctly, especially the warm-up routine, to avoid any possibility of injury.


Before You Start

It is important to keep a log of the measurements of the length and girth of your penis, both when erect and flaccid. This will enable to you see when progress has been made.

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